Welcome to the website of JSB Bijoux Ltd., which is a dynamic company focuses on the production of jewellery, particularly fashion glass jewellery. To produce our jewellery we particularly use Swarovski crystals and crystals of Preciosa company, but also products from traditional glass jewellery and Bohemian crystal can be found in our offer. The company has been producing jewellery on the market for more than 18 years, which suggests that we are a well-established company that prides itself on having
a positive response from our customers. We still carefully try to make sure that we are able to satisfy our customers’ needs. As a result, we are constantly expanding our product range with the focus on fashion trends.


Glass jewellery:

Our jewellery can be::
made of Swarovski crystals,
made of Preciosa crystals or ordinary jewellery glass,
in various color combinations,
in different sizes,
in various designs.

Strass and wire jewellery:

Classic strass, simple or complex,
sets of wire jewellery,
materials made with crystals from

… and what’s more, if you have your own design, we will help you with its realization.