JSB Bijoux Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the Czech Republic that has been producing jewelery and fashion accessories from Swarovski® crystals since 1996.

The main activity is the production of jewelery and fashion accessories mainly from the crystals of the brand Swarovski® Crystals and Preciosa. The assortment includes necklaces, sets, bracelets, rings, stationery, brooches, buckles, cufflinks, pendants, lighters, USB flash drives and others.
JSB bijoux designs its own jewelry design, custom production is possible thanks to its own production.
All production complies with international production and safety standards as well as quality management standards.

Advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • Orders from 1 piece (no minimum quantity)
  • Our own production
  • inventory
  • delivery speed
  • Custom-made production
  • wide assortment (cheap and luxury collections)
  • Czech production
  • Swarovski® crystals contractor
  • quality

JSB bijoux Ltd. was inspected by the Austrian company Swarovski. Our entire production from melting, forming, casting, final material working, to gluing Swarovski crystals, went through this revision.

As a result of the inspection we have been awarded this certificate which confirms quality and originality in all standards. Our products are made from the best materials produced in the Czech Republic.

Not only end consumers (B2C) but also business partners (B2B) can be assured of top-quality services in JSB bijoux.